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How to Find Charcuterie Delivery Near Me

How to Find Charcuterie Delivery Near Me

Meat and cheese boards, otherwise known as charcuterie, platters or grazing tables are delicious, eye-popping displays of tasty and tantalizing treats. Unfortunately, until recently, if you wanted a charcuterie board at your home you had to go gather the dozens of individual ingredients at high prices and then figure out how to arrange them yourself. Either that, or you would have to go find a local grazing table company that could come to your home or event and set up the spread for you. That is untilΒ PlatterfulΒ came around.Β 

How to find a local charcuterie company?

Picture this with me... your wife's 50th birthday (fine, fine... 40th birthday...) is quickly approaching and it's your job to organize the caterer for the event. Antiquated catering options are so boring and/or expensive. You want to do something that will really pop off the table this year. Not that same platter of cold cuts that everyone gets from Costco.

How about something new and different? Hmmmm.... Oh! I've got it. Nancy across the cul-de-sac just posted her daughter's bridal shower on Instagram and they have this lovely spread at the party full of rich colors and delicious looking appetizers. A Charcuterie spread. That's what they call it.

So you take to the all-holy Google. Charcuterie delivery near me. No results. How about a charcuterie company near me? A few results and you call them but they're all booked full because it's a busy summer weekend.

If only there was a company that would deliver the ingredients directly to my house and teach me how to put them together.


What is Platterful?

At Platterful, we provide gourmet charcuterie boards and platters for any occasion, big or small. We take care of everything, from sourcing the finest ingredients, to hand-crafting each board with love, to delivering it right to your doorstep. Nationwide shipping is available, so no matter where you are in the country, you can now enjoy the finest meats and cheeses thanks to our nationwide shipping and local delivery of charcuterie boards.

Platterful offers 2-day Nationwide Delivery on all orders so that you can get your box shipped to you right away. No longer do you have to plan months ahead for your event. Platterful takes care of that for you.



Who cut the cheese? We did.

Platterful is a charcuterie experience that gives you everything you need to build an Instagram-worthy board.

πŸ“¦ Delivered straight to your doorstep.

πŸ§€ Perfectly-paired, unique, artisan products. Meats, cheeses & accompaniments.

πŸ€“ Easy step-by-step written AND video instructions.

πŸ”„ New products every single month. Unique board assembly ideas around holidays.

🌳 Consciously crafted boxes and packaging that support local artisan makers.

So what are you waiting for? Stop googling "Charcuterie delivery near me" and head over to to place your order today.

Does Platterful Offer Bulk Discounts?

They sure do! Looking for the perfect idea for your next corporate gift, new employee onboarding surprise or seasonal "thank you" to your wonderful employees? Look no further than Platterful. Platterful offers bulk buy discounts as well as virtual classes made for teaching your team how to assemble their boards from their charcuterie kits that they just received in the mail.

Check out the Platterful Events page to learn more about how to get a quote for your next bulk order.

Where Does Platterful Deliver?

Charcuterie delivery Chicago? βœ…

Charcuterie delivery in San Jose? βœ…

Charcuterie delivery Dallas? βœ…

Charcuterie delivery NYC? βœ…

Charcuterie delivery Kalamazoo, Michigan? βœ…

That's right, Platterful has you covered on all of the above and more. Platterful offers nationwide shipping on all orders so that no matter where you live in the continental United States, you can get a charcuterie board sent to you!

How Does Platterful Offer Nationwide Delivery?

Okay, now that we have established that Platterful can ship to any address in the United States how do they do it? Well, Platterful has been hard at work creating a winning shipping experience through a lot of trials and tribulations. The company has gone through several iterations of their shipping box, insulated materials, and size and quantity of ice packs. This was all done to ensure charcuterie kits arrive safe and ready to consume for each customer!

Platterful ships out on Mondays currently (sometimes on bonus Wednesdays, as well). All kits are carefully packaged together. The cheeses are placed next to ice blocks and surrounded by insulation to help keep cool as long as possible. Now, the ice packs will melt in transit – this is totally normal. The same can be said for other meal kits such as Hello Fresh or HomeChef. Platterful uses a combination of kraft and crinkle paper to keep your items nice and secure so there is no shifting or breaking while in transit.Β 

Once a customer receives their Platterful kit (AKA best day of the week) they are encouraged to place it in the refrigerator. The entire box can be placed in the fridge, but at bare minimum the cheese should be.

Have a question that wasn't answered here? No problem. Visit the Platterful FAQ page to get all of your questions answered.

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