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Best Corporate Gifting Idea: Custom Charcuterie Boards and Classes from Platterful!

Enough with the water bottles, backpacks and keychains. Time to give your employees, prospects and customers a gift they'll literally devour. At Platterful, we're dedicated to elevating your gifting experience with our bespoke charcuterie kits, now available in bulk orders for corporate clients. With our one-time or subscription based gifts, you can also include memorable with custom handmade charcuterie boards and interactive virtual charcuterie classes. Looking for corporate gifts with a charitable giving component? Let's dive into how Platterful can transform your corporate gifting strategy! Customizable Charcuterie for Account Based Marketing Campaigns Handcrafted Charcuterie Boards: Make a lasting impression with our custom handmade charcuterie boards. Crafted with excellence, these boards can be personalized to feature your company logo or individual employee names, creating...

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Upgrade Your Plant-Based Snacking with Vegan or Veggie Charcuterie

Greetings charcuterie enthusiasts! There's something delightfully communal about sharing a charcuterie board with friends or family, isn't there? A beautifully curated board, with its array of flavors and textures, invites conversation, laughter, and of course, a flood of deliciousness. At Platterful, we understand this love, and we've always been committed to curating the finest selection for our subscribers. Traditionally, vegetarians and vegans have had to pick through the scraps of a charcuterie board or be forgotten altogether, but not any longer! We wrote on how you can make a vegan charcuterie board here, last year.  We're thrilled to announce that we've recently been featured on Uncommon Goods, a marketplace for unique and innovative products! If you've been searching for the perfect gift...

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How to Make a Gluten Free Charcuterie Board

In charcuterie boards, gluten-based food items like bread and crackers are their own stars. Although normally this is not a problem, those with gluten intolerance or celiac disease might accidentally eat them, though. So, we’re devising a gluten-free charcuterie board for moments like that. This tutorial guides you through the nitty-gritty of building an epic gluten-free charcuterie board - from planning what food items to shop to styling a charcuterie board.  What Does it Mean When Food is “Gluten-Free?” In definition, a gluten-free diet means excluding food containing gluten while maintaining the standard set of nutrition a body needs to function.  Gluten is found in the likes of wheat, barley, rye, and triticale - in charcuterie language, this refers to...

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How to Make a Vegan Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie is a trend that keeps evolving. From simple cheese-and-cracker trays to eclectic-inspired boards, charcuterie keeps outdoing itself, pushing the limits of food service. Hence, it’s not surprising for charcuterie to be versatile enough to cater to certain types of diets such as veganism.  This is what this article’s about - how to make a vegan charcuterie board. Today, no more drooling over eye-worthy food boards just because you’re a vegan or have a dairy intolerance. We’re making a DIY vegan charcuterie board a possibility. How to Make a Vegan Charcuterie Board: Recipe What you'll need Tools: Wooden board: The board should be big enough to fit every food element selected but small enough to create an abundant illusion.  Cheese...

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Top 5 Event Ideas to Use Your Platterful Kit

Time and again, momentous occasions call for extra special food selections like a charcuterie board. If you're looking for something easy to set-up, suitable for beginners, but doesn’t come last in terms of taste and premium charcuterie food elements, look no further, Platterful makes sure you’re adding an unforgettable centerpiece to the table for any occasion.  With Platterful’s charcuterie kit, you can create a board filled with delicious meats and cheeses in less than 30 minutes. To be honest, you don’t need an event to enjoy charcuterie but in case you want to pick our brains on our favorite type of gatherings for a charcuterie board, here are five of them.  Romantic Charcuterie for Two Your partner just got a promotion? Sweet!...

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