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Introducing Platterful: The All-In-One Charcuterie Kit for your next Date Night

Introducing Platterful: the all-in-one charcuterie kit for your next date night. We want to help you save time, money, and the headache when planning your next event or girls' night-in. Our charcuterie experience gives you everything you need to build an Instagram-worthy board. It's not just about the wonderful cheeses, meats, nuts, berries, spreads, olives, pickles and so much more that we include in our kits... it's about the experience that we're offering. Our products are perfectly paired, unique and artisanal. Plus, we offer easy step-by-step written AND video instructions. New products every single month - so you can always keep your charcuterie game strong!


What is Charcuterie?

Let's start back at the basics before we get too far ahead of ourselves. What is charcuterie and why is it so popular all of the sudden? Charcuterie is the branch of cooking devoted to prepared meat products, such as bacon, ham, sausage, terrines, galantines, ballotines, pâtés, and confit. It also refers to foods usually served as hors d'oeuvres or first courses. The word "charcuterie" comes from the French word chair which means "flesh" and cuiture which means "cooking". These boards have become increasingly popular in recent years as people of all ages and backgrounds design beautiful arrangements for all occasions.

old school charcuterie shop in France


Charcuterie boards are all the rage right now thanks to Instagram and Pinterest. They make for beautiful photos and are a delicious way to entertain guests. But let's be honest - they can be time-consuming and expensive to put together... unless you have Platterful!

Why waste your time (and your hard-earned cash) going from grocery store to grocery store to find everything you need for your box, only to have no idea how to put together a board like your mother-in-law does on Instagram. Platterful has you covered! We do all the hard work for you - from sourcing unique, artisanal products to providing easy-to-follow instructions.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and get your charcuterie on with a Platterful Charcuterie Kit.

What Can a Charcuterie Kit be Used For?

Looking for something special to do for date night? Did you forget a friend's birthday and need a last-second gift idea? Why not try your hand at charcuterie? Platterful is here to help with our all-in-one charcuterie kit - perfect for beginners and experts alike. Our kit includes everything you need to create an impressive (and delicious!) spread, plus easy step-by-step instructions. And because we source only the best artisanal meats and cheeses, you can be sure your creation will be one of a kind. Looking to really make a big impression? At Platterful we offer multi-month charcute subscriptions as well. That's right, every month new cheeses, meats, artisan olives, small-batch chocolates, and unique spreads that perfectly compliment the main flavors included in every box. All new educational content is included too because every box is different! So go ahead and subscribe today! Bon appétit!

P.S. Don't forget the wine! ; ) We'll help you out with this too though because in every crate we include a "Pairs Well With" section that highlights which adult beverage you should be enjoying with your box.

What Meats and Cheeses Pair Best on a Charcuterie Board?

That's the million-dollar question right there! Finding ideal pairings, both on your board as well as what drink compliments your platter, is nothing short of art. That's why Platterful offers educational content in every one of their charcuterie kits. That means both written and video content. You can pull up one of our instructional YouTube videos or you can take a look at the instructional card (shown below) that walks you through exactly how to arrange your board, step by step.

Platterful board contents

The above highlights what your finished board will look like and the below shows you step by step how to arrange the products.

step by step Platterful instructions

Another way to determine what meats and cheeses complement each other best on a charcuterie board, and to determine which meats and cheeses you and your loved ones enjoy best, is to try lots of different varieties. One way to do this is via a meat and cheese subscription box like Platterful. Platterful sends you new products every month in its meat and cheese subscription box. Except it doesn't stop at just meats and cheeses, they also send a variety of jams, mustards, chocolates, spreads, crackers and so much more!

Start your charcuterie journey today with Platterful! With our easy to follow instructions, you'll be a pro in no time. And don't forget, every month is a new adventure with our meat and cheese subscription boxes. So sign up now and get ready to explore the world of charcuterie.

Can I Order Charcuterie Online?

You sure can! The best part about a charcuterie of the month kit like Platterful is that they are the only charcuterie brand to offer nationwide delivery! You can be enjoying your delicious meat and cheese pairings in as little as 2 days thanks to their nationwide delivery charcuterie delivery service.

And what's more, Platterful offers a wide variety of unique, artisanal products that you won't find at your local grocery store. So whether you're looking to explore new and exciting flavors or want to create an impressive charcuterie board for your next party or event, Platterful has got you covered.

So what are you waiting for? Order your charcuterie of the month kit today! And don't forget, Platterful also offers gift subscriptions so you can share the joy of charcuterie with your friends and loved ones.