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How to Make a Vegan Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie is a trend that keeps evolving. From simple cheese-and-cracker trays to eclectic-inspired boards, charcuterie keeps outdoing itself, pushing the limits of food service. Hence, it’s not surprising for charcuterie to be versatile enough to cater to certain types of diets such as veganism.  This is what this article’s about - how to make a vegan charcuterie board. Today, no more drooling over eye-worthy food boards just because you’re a vegan or have a dairy intolerance. We’re making a DIY vegan charcuterie board a possibility. How to Make a Vegan Charcuterie Board: Recipe What you'll need Tools: Wooden board: The board should be big enough to fit every food element selected but small enough to create an abundant illusion.  Cheese...

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