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Why is Charcuterie Delivery Better Than In-Store Experience?

A common problem often experienced by those who enjoy charcuterie is the difficulty in sourcing charcuterie ingredients for their boards. Imagine walking into your favorite supermarket and losing that glint in your eye upon finding that the ingredients to make a single charcuterie board are not available.

Hey, DIY charcuterie is still a niche even in America. Not all stores including deli ones will have a section dedicated solely to the meat and cheese selections of charcuterie-making. Even if you find the exact choice cuts of meat in one store, it’s not a guarantee you’ll find your type of brie cheese in the same store. 

Yes, the ingredients are a disarray of bits scattered in different stores across the state. That’s just how it is and therein lies a problem.

Luckily, there are ways, fast ones, to remedy these situations - ready-made charcuterie delivery. 

Let’s explore the many ways charcuterie board delivery is superior to its in-store counterpart. 

Supermarkets and Food Stores, In General, Are Broad

One inherent trait of supermarkets or big food store chains is that they try to cater to as many needs as possible while still aiming to make a profit.

Unfortunately, people who like charcuterie often get the short end of the stick because said supermarket will just stock up on something low-risk and of average quality.

What that means for charcuterie enthusiasts is that they’re forced to settle for what’s available. This leads to boards that are less than ideal for the enthusiast and lessens the experience overall for all those who would partake in the resulting board.

Not Well-Meaning Overbuying

There’s also another problem with settling for supermarket products: oversupply or overstocking.

Another thing with supermarkets is that a lot of their products cater to the sense of ‘one size fits all’. At best, supermarkets will have two or three different sizes that cater to small, medium, or large quantity consumers.

Even outside the realm of charcuterie, it’s quite often that supermarket-bought items will be too much, and it’ll be stuck in storage for a while or until spoiled.

This issue sucks a lot more when it comes to charcuterie. The few extra dollars that could have been saved from one item, like crackers, could instead be used to buy better-quality cheese. Instead, you’ll likely get stuck with subpar cheese and too many crackers for everyone to eat.

Specialty Stores Don’t Have Them All

Not all meat stores are cheese stores. 

To avoid the problems that supermarkets will inherently have, most charcuterie enthusiasts will point towards specialty stores. These stores will most definitely be able to cater to your specific needs such as the right quantity of meats or the right type of cheese.

However, not all specialty stores can carry products of one or the other. Although some charcuterie-focused stores can have all that you’ll need, these are often the exception and not the norm.

More often, you’ll encounter a specialty meats store that can cater to every meat request you have – and that’s awesome! But… they may fall short on the cheese or cracker supply. Likewise, you can’t exactly expect a specialty meats store to also carry every fruit or veggie product you’ll need, too. You don’t walk into a burger joint and expect to order a pizza, right?

Not All Stores Are Near

A difficulty typically encountered when looking for charcuterie-oriented specialty stores is that they’re not always within the same vicinity.

Sure, some cities might have farmer’s markets where you could basically build a charcuterie board without having to walk further than a few feet. But again, it’s usually the exception and not the norm.

What usually happens in a lot of other places is that a good patisserie can be a solid drive away from a fromagerie. Thinking about it, driving around with today’s gas prices? Big oof.

The Problems with Charcuterie Sourcing

Reading the problems with in-store sourcing for your charcuterie boards, it all sounds like a niche problem. And… well, that’s kind of true.

The reasons people create a charcuterie board are manifold. But it mostly revolves around the idea of creating a platter that is aesthetically pleasing and evokes mouth-watering flavors.

With this goal in mind, it brings along the need for quality and specificity. It is an almost perfectionist need that is present primarily in the charcuterie community - but that’s a good thing. So of course, those who want to create a good charcuterie board takes the time and effort to jump through the hoops of these common problems. All for the love of charcuterie.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Charcuterie Delivery Takes Care of Common Charcuterie Problems

On the path to creating the perfect charcuterie board, many people have to face some of the common problems mentioned here at some point. Truth be told, it sucks as it takes a lot of time out of your day and makes it a hassle instead of just enjoying the time creating a delicious charcuterie board.

Fortunately, there are charcuterie delivery services such as Platterful available that eliminate the hassle and provide you with a full kit ready to make in less than 30 minutes. 🕒

For example, Platterful offers different sizes of charcuterie boards ranging from:

Each of these charcuterie boards is properly portioned so it’s easy to portion boards for any occasion. That takes care of that omnipresent problem of oversupply and having unused food going to waste.

Platterful also takes care of sourcing products, eliminating the problem of traveling across different stores in your city or state as you look for specific foods that you want.

To do this, Platterful partners with various TOP-QUALITY artisan makers and vendors across America, sourcing it all under one roof. Then, all of these quality and delicious foods are delivered straight to your door.

Choosing Platterful is Perfect for Beginners and Enthusiasts Alike

As mentioned, Platterful offers a variety of options for charcuterie boards ranging from intimate meals to lively parties.

It’s perfect for beginners as Platterful includes a card containing step-by-step instructions that help create their first charcuterie boards. Also inside this card is a link to a video that further provides a visual aid for recreating a delicious charcuterie board.

Likewise, every Platterful kit caters to enthusiast, too. Each food product is sourced from quality vendors across America, eliminating the hassles of experimenting and trying out what works. All that’s left now is for them to let their imagination run wild.

Time and effort aren’t the only savings too from using Platterful’s service. Platterful provides a subscription service that sends you a charcuterie kit every month. The longer you subscribe, the better the savings! 👌