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Top 5 Event Ideas to Use Your Platterful Kit

charcuterie board platterful

Time and again, momentous occasions call for extra special food selections like a charcuterie board. If you're looking for something easy to set-up, suitable for beginners, but doesn’t come last in terms of taste and premium charcuterie food elements, look no further, Platterful makes sure you’re adding an unforgettable centerpiece to the table for any occasion. 

With Platterful’s charcuterie kit, you can create a board filled with delicious meats and cheeses in less than 30 minutes.

To be honest, you don’t need an event to enjoy charcuterie but in case you want to pick our brains on our favorite type of gatherings for a charcuterie board, here are five of them. 

Romantic Charcuterie for Two

Your partner just got a promotion? Sweet! Or maybe you just want to add a romantic flair to the simple dinner you two have planned at home? This is definitely a perfect time to use Platterful’s charcuterie kit to serve as a romantic charcuterie dinner.

With Platterful’s standard-size charcuterie kit, it can be arranged to go along with a romantic meal for two. For a dinner, the standard-sized kit itself serves the right balance of meat, cheese, carbs, fruits, and more.

If the night goes on for some wine or good quality alcohol, the charcuterie kit can still serve as a great accompaniment.

The flavors in each charcuterie kit are varied and complement different meals. Each Platterful standard kit comes with: 

  • 2 types of cheese
  • 1 type of meat
  • 1 pack of crackers
  • 1-2 spreads
  • 2 or more accompaniments such as nuts and chocolate

Happy Hour Board

Let’s say your friends are coming over for a routine watching session of a big game or maybe a blockbuster movie. The thing is you’re getting tired of your mac and cheese tradition already and you want your friends’ varied tastes satisfied. Don’t think twice, plan ahead and get yourself Platterful’s large charcuterie kits. 

The Platterful large kit feeds up to a group of 8 if used as party snacks or up to 4 if treated like a full meal. There’s a variety of flavors to tickle everyone’s fancy too. Each large kit comes with:

  • 3 types of cheese
  • 2 types of meat
  • 1 or 2 cracker packs
  • 2 – 3 spreads
  • 3 or more accompaniments.

Want to impress your friends with your charcuterie-arranging skills while feeding them too? No problem! Each kit comes with an instructional sheet and a link to a video tutorial to create a dazzling and drool-worthy board. Now your board will be the talk of the night even as they enjoy the big game or the craft beer that goes well with your charcuterie.

The Picnic Brunch Board

A simple picnic brunch is a family event or social gathering that a lot of people look forward to. The creativity that some people have to serve food in such a setting is on another level too; incorporating convenience, deliciousness, with portability.

Where does Platterful’s charcuterie kit play here? Charcuterie, by its very nature, is preserved meat meant for prolonged storage while also intensifying the flavor. The cheeses, as well, play nice with being stored for long periods while also intensifying in flavor as they age.

With a picnic brunch in mind, Platterful’s charcuterie kit combines portability and flavor in one convenient package.

Remember, each Platterful charcuterie kit comes with a card with step-by-step instructions on how to recreate a beautiful and drool-worthy board. Simply assemble the charcuterie on the venue itself and you have got yourself an impressively delicious and gorgeous picnic centerpiece in less than 30 minutes.

So now you’ve got a picnic brunch meal that’s convenient and portable while oozing with flavor and aesthetic appeal.

BBQ Cookout Charcuterie

Barbeque cookouts are fun and a great time to spend with friends and family. But one thing’s for certain - every cookout involves “waiting a lot” for the food to cook on the grill and finding something to keep busy with.

Fortunately, Platterful’s charcuterie kit offers something to keep the taste buds busy while also being the center of attention in every cookout.

Another thing that all barbeque cookouts are known for are robust flavors coming from grilled meats and veggies. While that’s happening though, a charcuterie kit serves as a welcomed icebreaker from all that grilled meat. 

Each cheese, spread, and fruit add different flairs that prime the taste buds for the grilled fiesta that’s about to come. Likewise, the food on the charcuterie board can also serve as a fancy appetizer, amping your guest’s appetite. 

Let’s not forget that with a bit of prep time you’ll be able to set up the charcuterie board to be an eyecatcher on the barbeque table. So as your guests arrive, they’ll be greeted by not just the smells of the grill, but also an amazing charcuterie board made by you with a little help from Platterful.

The Holiday Classic

Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any other holiday events will certainly benefit from a sprinkle of flavorful delight. Although these events are typically centered around savory creations like roast turkeys or briskets of beef, a little charcuterie can go a long way for a large crowd.

large Platterful charcuterie kit serves up to 8 but what’s stopping you from getting more for the family, no? More than that, a Platterful charcuterie board is flexible in serving any sized group. These kits can be portioned so that everyone can have a taste of the different foods on the board.

During events such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, people spend time with each other – mingling and catching up with one another. A charcuterie board can serve as the gathering point where memories and emotions can be exchanged. And while these memories are being divulged through the mouths of the speaker, everyone else can fill their mouths with charcuterie.

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Why Platterful?

Easy. We’re simply the best in offering a delicious yet quick and easy way to set up charcuterie in any event you can ever dream of. Moreover, Platterful provides month-to-month or prepaid subscriptions so you can save on some cash the more you order. Lastly, ordering through Platterful also serves a cause: every box purchased donates 10 meals to kids across the US through No Kid Hungry